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About Gin & Honest | Gin & Honest

About Gin & Honest


Whenever I hear someone talking about their favourite spirit or cocktail, I can often feel myself turning into my tedious alter ego, the Ginster Bore! Now, I don’t necessarily claim to know an awful lot about the different varieties and types of gin, or the numerous complementary tonics, herbs and accompaniments, I just love drinking the stuff and having a chat about it!

Whether it’s a straight up gin and tonic, or a more exotic gin flavoured with chilli, cracked black pepper, and served with honeycomb on the side (just kidding, you would never see that particular combination on any self-respecting gin bar menu), I really do just love trying every type of gin I come across.

My love affair with this juniper berry infused spirit began as soon as I hit my thirties, and it really did happen overnight. I like to put this down to a willingness and openness to try new things now I was no longer in my twenties, or maybe it was the influence of more grown up holidays with my parents, who also love a nice, cold G&T. Either way, I’m a definite gin addict now, and I’m extremely proud of it.

Gone are the days of drinking lukewarm gin and flat tonic in the hotel bar, now my holidays have a much more noble quest: to find that elusive Gin Bar tucked down that unassuming side street and to sample whatever delights are inside.

Whether it’s in New York, Milan, Houston, Hong Kong or Venice, there are unique and wonderful places doing very special things with gin, and I have not been let down yet.

Honest Paul
Honest Laura
Honest Tom
Honest Sorcha

So here is Gin & Honest!

A new approach to understanding people’s likes, loves and, sometimes hates, of the gin world. We collect the best reviews from the best bloggers and gin experts (and of course, some input from a few gin-mad folk) from all around the world in order to curate and create a more balanced, varied guide to gin brands, whether craft, commercial, or just downright quirky! Check out our Ginpedia for some Ginspiration.

Whether we are reviewing gin, critiquing tonic, or just waxing lyrical about the best gin bars and lounges in the world, remember, we are just a few honest gin lovers who each have different preferences, penchants and partialities when it comes to the weird and wonderful world of gin. So why not have a read about our lovely personalities, and then have a little look around? Oh, and remember to Say Hello!