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Honest Sorcha

Sipsmith Sloe Gin
Sloe Gin

Merry Gin-mas – Sipsmith Sloe is a go

Sipsmith Sloe Gin Reviewed by Honest Sorcha What time of year is it? Christmas you say?? People are frantically running around shops picking up those all-important presents, visiting Christmas markets; sipping on indulgent hot chocolates and eating tasty treats… while…

Jawbox Gin

Jawbox Gin – The Founding Father

Gerry White / Jawbox Interview by Honest Sorcha  Gerry White is the mastermind/founder behind the much loved Jawbox, a small batch; Belfast cut gin that is taking the market by storm. Meeting Gerry a few years back (before Jawbox prospered)…

Tailored Tonic
Tonics & Mixers

Tailored Tonic – No Show Without Punch

Tailored Tonic Reviewed by Honest Sorcha Where would Batman be without Robin… Starsky without Hutch… Punch without Judy… But most important of all!!!  WHERE WOULD GIN BE WITHOUT TONIC!!!!! (I know the thought is too much to bear)…  At the…

Brooklyn Gin
Contemporary Gin

Fresh outta Brooklyn – Brooklyn Gin

Brooklyn Gin Reviewed by Honest Sorcha The journey of Brooklyn Gin began in 2010 when the brains behind the operation, founders Emil Jattone and Joe Santos set out to fulfil their dream of developing a small batch, hand-made American gin….

Belfast Gin Bars
Bars & Lounges

Belfast’s Top Gin Hangouts

Belfast’s Top Gin Bars Review by Honest Sorcha Belfast is charging up the ranks for top city destinations to visit in Europe.  The city has blossomed in the last number of years and its development of new restaurants, bars and…