Gin Bars Reviewed by Honest Laura

You can’t throw a stone in England these days without hitting some form of stylish gin bar or lounge, but with so many up and coming gin establishments to choose from, which ones are really worth your time? There really is a wealth of great gin bars to frequent around the UK, and here are just a few of our favourites.

The Jekyll and Hyde, Birmingham 

Step back in time with the Victorian inspired gin palace that is Birmingham’s Jekyll and Hyde. With over 100 gins to choose from, and a stunning upstairs Gin Parlour why not join Dr Jekyll’s Gin Club and experience monthly ‘must-try’ gins with a free mixer to match? Honest Review Soon!

The Old Bell, Saddlehurst, Lancashire 

Just your typical northern pub in Saddlehurst, Lancashire, except that this sleepy little bar is a record holder, and with 404 gins in stock! Even appearing in the Guinness Book of World Records for stocking the most gins in the world, you could try a different gin every day for a year at The Old Bell and still have more to sample. Honest Review Soon!

Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour, London 

Yet another secret gin parlour that could easily be missed, Mr Fogg’s may look like any old pub downstairs, but upstairs offers a decadent gin drinking den complete with gin safari masterclasses and ‘G & Tea’ gin afternoon teas. Honest Review Soon!

Jenever, Liverpool 

Forget stuffy old Victorian era gin bars, Jenever in Liverpool brings gin forcefully into the modern century with over 95 types of gin and jenevers (the predecessor to gin) available in this trendy bar.

Situated on the only street in the world with a Cathedral at either end, in the heart of Liverpool’s theatre land you can enjoy a G&T or a gin cocktail in this unique location before heading out to the theatre nearby. Honest Review Soon!