Tailored Tonic

Tailored Tonic Reviewed by Honest Sorcha

Where would Batman be without Robin… Starsky without Hutch… Punch without Judy… But most important of all!!!  WHERE WOULD GIN BE WITHOUT TONIC!!!!! (I know the thought is too much to bear)…  At the moment all us “ginthusists” are being spoilt rotten, the bustling gin market is masterfully creating some truly scrumptious drinks, turning a quick trip to the off license into a two hour mission (a mission that I happily choose to accept)!  There is a misconception that a premium gin can be served with any old tonic water… however a quality tonic, like Tailored Tonic is just as vitally important as the gin itself.  G&T is a dynamic duo, one cannot justly function without the other; nobody should overlook the importance of the tonic.  The market for tonic water is also beginning to gain momentum and deliver to us a variety of choices, today I introduce to you the newly developed range of Tailored Tonics from Inginius and it is one I recommend that everyone should welcome with open arms!

Hailing from Cheltenham, it truly complements a wide range of artisanal and small batch gins.  What’s unique about Tailored is its development process, it is a hand crafted tonic which has been “lovingly made in small batches to complement and enhance fine Gins”!  A slow and complex production process Tailored have developed two distinct types of tonic for the market, these are the Classic Tonic and the Sweet Citrus Tonic.

Lovingly made in small batches to complement and enhance fine Gins

Classic Tonic – Hand made with the finest ingredients, the production method involves careful soaking of citrus peels combined with other ingredients in order to accomplish the right balance.  It has been specifically designed to perfectly match with London Dry Gin, containing less sugar than other tonics (what’s that you say a healthier G&T… sign me up).  Designed to complement the distinct flavours of the gin and not overpower, and it does exactly what it says on the tin!  I paired it with Portobello Road Gin, garnished with a nice big wedge of red grapefruit; this gin is a tad sweeter than normal London Dry’s and this tonic pairs nicely giving this G&T a refreshing, citrusy and crisp finish!

Sweet Citrus Tonic – Designed to be the perfect combination for sweeter gins, such as Genevers, Bathtub, Old Toms, and those with citrus or floral elements, Citrus Sweet has been crafted using a variety of rich botanicals and ingredients.  I opted to match it with Ableforth Old Tom, with a slice of orange and lots of ice!  It was delicious and allowed me to taste the subtle liquorice sweetness of the gin whilst bringing out the nice warm cardamom and peppery undertones; it was a true match in heaven!!

Invigorate, strengthen, increase are all words that are used to define “tonic”, and this is what tonic water should essentially be designed to do, it should complement and increase the taste and enjoyment of your selected gin.  It should be the yin to gin’s yang.

Tailored Tonic’s have swooped onto the scene to prove a point, that tonic water is a crucial part of the formula.  These artisan beverages are truly unique matching the quality of the gin and intensifying and complementing it!  The process to create Tailored is slow and complex using only the finest ingredients and boy is it worth it! This is definitely a must try for those who appreciate the T that goes along with your G.  This tonic water has been artfully tailored to go hand in hand with your selected gin.  Hailing from the county that brings you the famed Gold Cup, Tailored Tonic definitely is a front runner in the tonic race!

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