Iron Balls Gin

Iron Balls Gin Reviewed by Honest Sorcha

Born and bred in the ‘Land of Smiles’ this premium small batch gin takes after its native country’s nickname, I like to refer to Iron Balls Gin as the “Gin of Smiles”.

I have had my gin tinted eyes on this bottle for a while and jumped at the opportunity to get my hands on it! This summer the luck of the Irish was definitely with me as parents by chance were visiting Bangkok and I seized the moment!  Hats off to them I sent them on a wild Bangkok adventure…  with just an address for the distillery 2 hours in rush hour traffic, and a taxi driver who didn’t speak a word of English! Needless to say they needed a stiff drink when they arrived.

I felt like a mad gin scientist thinking up delectable concoctions!

Distilled in a micro brewery in the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, this is a remarkable small batch gin with extremely limited production!! It uses only the finest quality ingredients and is completely handmade, using herbs and spices such as lemongrass & ginger very true to the Thai flavours.  Other unique ingredients involved in the mix are freshly cracked coconuts and tropical pineapple making it somewhat fruity and fragrant in taste and aroma.  The coconut and pineapple combination are a match made in heaven with the acidity from the pineapple complimenting the rich flavours that coconut brings to the table.  Very smooth and balanced, easy going down and can be served in a wide range of ways making it a very versatile character!

I opted for one of Iron Balls traditional G&Ts, a pineapple slice, basil and Indian tonic!  The basil adds a subtle pepperiness that is followed by floral and aromatic undertones matching perfectly with the sweet tropical pineapple.  Being curious and loving to conduct gin experiments I dabbled with a few flavours, the end result was a passion fruit G&T, infusing the passion fruit with the gin, heaping ice on top letting it chill to optimum temperature and finishing it off with Indian tonic and lots more ice. The tartness of the passion fruit pairs perfectly with the coconut and pineapple flavours adding even more exotic tropical tastes, this drink truly packed a punch.

This magical liquid allows for heaps of creativity and imagination, I felt like a mad gin scientist thinking up delectable concoctions! I can’t wait to delve deeper into potential combinations and discover the wonders that this gin creates!                       

If you get the chance to catch a taste of this gin grab it with both hands and savour every moment!

IRON BALLS GIN is one to try!!


Iron Balls Gin

Image – Honest Sorcha