Boxer Gin

Boxer Gin Reviewed by Honest Tom

Something that you might be surprised to hear about me is that I am intensely macho. I had to get out of the street fighting game after the fuzz got on my back and gave me the ultimatum between blogging about my deranged gin ramblings or going to the big house. Thus, imagine my testosterone pumping joy when I found out about the existence of Boxer Gin. Finally, I could quench my debilitating thirst and twat a geezer simultaneously.

Most folk that I meet are instantly drawn to my scrawny, 14 year-old, prepubescent, teen girl physique and point out how awkward I look. Awkward is not the word, imagine the moral dilemma I have when it comes to touching myself. Anyway, I digress, I have never been in a fight and I sincerely hope that I never have to. Watching boxing makes me feel uncomfortable, so drinking a slightly macho themed drink is something that I am liable to approach with trepidation. Luckily for Boxer Gin, I completely misjudged the book by its cover. I was under the impression that Boxer would be in the same league as Langley’s No.8, in its macho stance and I would just need to walk passed it with my head down and hope that it didn’t notice me. However, where Langley’s No.8 is all masculine bellend posing and TOWIE style shouting, when you get to its core, there is little there. Conversely, Boxer Gin is the most fulfilling and pure gentleman you will ever come across.

One distinguishing feature of Boxer is that it uses fresh juniper and bergamot peel which is then steam distilled slowly before dried botanicals are added

If I may, I would like to take a brief moment to thank Mark D. Hill, the founder of Boxer Gin. Mate, I love you. It is rare that I drink gin where I can instantly tell how much love the founder/distiller truly has for their craft and product. Mr Hill is obviously a true purist. There is no gimmick, no nonsense, just knock-out gin (HAHAHA!!!). One distinguishing feature of Boxer is that it uses fresh juniper and bergamot peel which is then steam distilled slowly before dried botanicals are added. This is fused with a lot of other impressive sciencey stuff in order to extract the essential oils of the botanicals. I have heard a lot about essential oils in my years of necking gin. Bombay Sapphire and Oxley bang on about it, but fail to really capture the true heart of flavour intensity or vibrancy. Boxer packs an incredible flavour intensity and is majorly complex. The tangy citrus complements perfectly with a juniper spice and the finish is the gift that just keeps giving as more earl grey notes make themselves known. The gin is clean, crisp and moreish. When I finished the bottle I was genuinely afraid of going through a Trainspotting style withdrawal where Chris Eubank would be crawling up my bedroom walls with his cane gesturing towards my buttocks.

As far as I am concerned, the most incredible thing about Boxer Gin is that it is only 40% abv. As previously explained, only somebody who cares so much about their product would be capable of doing this. I have tried gins in excess of 50% abv where you have to really focus on the fact that you are drinking gin otherwise, for all you know you could be drinking a posh vodka. Boxer Gin has managed to get 500 brake horse power out of a 1000cc engine (macho reference but bare with), how that is possible, I will never know.

Mark D. Hill, you have made my life complete. This is the only gin that I have found which comes anywhere near close to Tanqueray No.10 or Bullards Norwich Dry. If anybody could help me on my quest to find the export strength version of Boxer Gin at 45% abv, then I will marry you and give you many children! Until then I will just have to deal Amir Khan licking his lips at the foot of my bed. “ADRIAAAAAAAN! ADRIAAAN!”

You can buy Boxer Gin at The Whisky or on Amazon.


Boxer Gin

Image – Honest Tom