Brockmans Gin Reviewed by Honest Paul

I’ve tried quite a few gins now and many brands try to use some “clever” slogans, and some have some ridiculous ones.  So I was quite intrigued to try Brockmans Gin just to see if their brand lived up to their wondrous mission statement of “to be a gin like no other”. Now you can only get a couple of reactions from something like this, normally eye-rolling, however, you have to keep a little bit of an open mind as to whether it can live up to it. Is it really a gin “like no other”, and of course this could be reinforced for both posivtive or negative sentiments.

First impressions are that the bottle looks good – maybe even a little exotic – sleek, sexy; probably a massive double thumbs up from the marketing team when they first saw it.

It’s not really typical London dry gin – with coriander, blueberries and blackberries – created by four guys who wanted to change what people think of gin and change the perception of the whole contemporary gin side – let’s see if they can break tradition.

A very unusual gin when mixed the regular tonics

One thing I noticed from Brockmans was that they recommended that you drink this straight over ice, which is quite unusual and normally reserved the for rum, vodka, tequila sort of drinks. I’m not a lover of drinking gin straight as this has to be a really, really, really good one to be able to do that. I was actually quite surprised that it was palatable; smooth, flavourful with the real showing of the botanicals. So was I right to be so sceptical – yeah maybe it was ok, maybe.

A very unusual gin when mixed the regular tonics. Very floral, and I can see why some dislike it. It can be overpowering, however, if you mix in more tonic, it’s possible to redress the balance of the drink. As with all spirits, experimentation is key to discovering what works best.

I would personally recommend Brookmans if you’re a traditional gin and tonic fan. Did it live up to its claim as being a gin “like no other” (even I have to keep reminding myself of that now), yeah it was pretty ok, but again there are many pretty ok gins.


You can buy Brockmans Gin at The Whisky or on Amazon.

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Brockmans Gin

Image – Brockmans Gin