Fifty Pounds Gin

Fifty Pounds Gin Reviewed by Honest Paul

Fifty Pounds Gin has grabbed my attention a few times in the past months at my local village “classy restaurant with a pub”, however, I never got round to getting my hands on a full bottle so that I could get around to writing my thoughts down. Tonight, this changes.

It’s presented in a very attractive and distinctive bottle which is instantly recognisable on the bar shelf. Uncorking the bottle, rather than unscrewing it, and giving it a good sniff reveals everything you would expect from a quality London Dry Gin. It is very juniper-forward and in spite of its ABV, there isn’t so much of a whiff of alcohol.

Tonight, I pounded some gin perfection.

Tasting the stuff neat follows-through with the juniper-heavy experience. It is smooth, balanced and creamy without any harshness from that high alcohol content. The coriander is present but subtle and the sweet earthiness of the other botanicals holds it all together very well.

Mixing Fifty Pounds with a premium tonic water (you must use a premium tonic like Fever-Tree or there is just no point) rewards with a tremendous Gin & Tonic; it delivers a massive juniper hit and the sweet creaminess balances with the quinine exceptionally well. I found it to have a beautiful dry finish. This really is the Diamond of gin and tonic; someone has finally made a fantastic gin, and not only that, they have dialled it up to 11. It is like drinking some super-charged Gin & Tonic drawn out of someone’s fevered dreams about gin and tonic and it’s everything I could have dreamt of.

Fifty Pounds is a confident gin that delivers quality in abundance. It really goes to show how you don’t need much to make a great gin. There are no gimmicks, no exotic botanicals or outlandish distilling practices, just a simple London Dry gin which really delivers the goods.

Fifty Pounds will be eponymous with truly high-quality gin; it should be the benchmark that others are measured against and it would be a well-deserved reputation. Now the bottle is empty. Such is the way of gin.

You can buy Fifty Pounds Gin at The Whiskey or on Amazon.

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Fifty Pounds Gin

Image – Fifty Pounds Gin