VII Seven Hills

VII Seven Hills Gin Reviewed by Honest Sorcha

Inspired by the ancient city of Rome and named to celebrate the seven hills that surround the eternal city, I introduce the first “Italian Dry Gin” that being the notable Seven Hill’s Gin. Distillation and production of this gin originally took place within the UK, however this changed 3 years ago when the founders, Italian mixologists, Flippi Previero and Donilo Tersigni rebranded and relaunched the gin. Shifting production home to Italy, designing a new bottle and making Italian inspired adjustments to the botanicals, to create the newly evolved VII Seven Hill’s Gin that now grace the shelves.

Gin Italy – This is a rigorous London Dry Gin, handcrafted in the best way possible.

Created in the same style as London Dry, it is referred to as the first “Italian Dry Gin”, being a fusion between English/Italian traditions. This label is due to the gin being distilled using the customary London Dry process whilst collaborating this with big authentic Italian flavours and due to the actual creative hub being now based in Turin the term “Italian Dry Gin” fits just perfectly. Using 7 botanicals found throughout the seven Roman hills, once this gin is placed down in your view, you are immediately greeted with a distinct aromatic scent with citrus undertones. With a ABV of 43% and containing botanicals include Juniper, Celery, Artichoke, Rosehip, Angelica Root, Blood Orange, Roman Chamomile and Coriander

Seven Hills Gin

Image – Honest Sorcha

My verdict is an Italian Dry Gin with a big personality, its smooth, fragrant and refreshing with distinct herbal notes coming through. I sampled this with an Indian Tonic and a stick of celery finished off with some cracked pepper this serve truly brings out a wonderful sweet-smelling scent and balances the overall drink.

The gin has been specially designed to make the perfect authentic Italian Negroni, the founding duo’s recommendation is:

  • 30ml VII Seven Hills Gin
  • 30ml Sweet Vermouth
  • 30ml Campari
  • Slice of Orange
  • Served in a rock glass

What the founders say….

“Our aim is to communicate the uniqueness of VII Hills Italian Dry Gin. Its earthy, citrus flavor is not only inspired by Italian cooking traditions, but by Roman culture itself… The result is an unusual taste, where ancient and modern flavours merge into an unforgettable drinking experience.”

You can buy VII Seven Hills Gin at The Whisky Exchange.