Sipsmith Sloe Gin

Sipsmith Sloe Gin Reviewed by Honest Sorcha

What time of year is it? Christmas you say?? People are frantically running around shops picking up those all-important presents, visiting Christmas markets; sipping on indulgent hot chocolates and eating tasty treats… while I’m pulling the cupboards apart looking for that good old bottle of sloe gin. Nothing screams festive cheer more than a soothing glass (or two) of sloe gin to get that yule tide spirit going. I love everything about this time of year! The weather, the Christmas markets, getting together with friends and family, the festive treats and of course the copious amounts of alcohol that you drink guilt free (it is Christmas after all!) Sloe gin just encapsulates Christmas so perfectly with its ruby red colouring, its plummy undertones and its traditional English heritage of being drank to warm the cockles of your soul during the winter months.

Sipsmith Sloe Gin

Image – Honest Sorcha

What I love about Sipsmith Sloe Gin is its versatility; it can be served in so many ways and is great for experimentation

So what’s the difference between sloe gin and good old regular gin, sloe is essentially a liqueur having a lower alcohol content (sad times I know), but what it lacks in alcoholic volume it makes up for in taste. Sloe gin is a lot sweeter and tart than its older sister and the process by which it is developed also differs, gin is created through the good old traditional distillation process while sloe gin production is basically a base of gin that is infused with sloe berries, sugar and other flavours and essences to create this festive liqueur. This is why Sloe Gin has been bestowed as a Christmas tradition, as it is so easy to develop yourself and add your own festive fleur. Essentially firing everything into a jar and letting it mull until the Christmas season is in full swing, then taking out your creation, putting it on display proud as punch proclaiming your ingeniousness.

Having rummaged through the cupboards and devastated to find that I had polished off my sloe gin from last year’s festive activities I opted to buy myself a bottle of Sipsmith Sloe Gin, being a fan of their award winning London Dry I knew it wouldn’t let me down. Like a bottle of fine wine, Sipsmith display the year of production, developing their Sloe Gin on a yearly basis and altering each vintage with new additional seasonal flavours

What I love about Sipsmith Sloe Gin is its versatility; it can be served in so many ways and is great for experimentation, channelling your inner Tom Cruise from Cocktail. It can be served straight up with ice, as a warming winter G&T (a lemon tonic really compliments perfectly) and the cocktail options are endless! Get your cocktail shakers at the ready folks!! Pouring all the ingredients into the cocktail shaker and getting the biceps ready for a full on upper body work-out (praying that the end of the shaker didn’t fly off and impale someone in the head) I tried the below recipe and somehow it miraculously turned out great, it was totally delicious (I was like the cat that got the cream)….

Sloe Pink Lady

25ml – Sipsmith Gin
25ml – Sipsmith Sloe Gin
1 tbsp of Fresh Lemon Juice
1 tsp of Grenadine
½ tbsp Egg white

Sloe Gin isn’t for everyone, many varieties on the market are sugary sweet, tart and in some instances too much to bear; homemade sloe’s can be very sweet and syrupy and these factors put a lot of people off sloe for life! It’s all about finding the right Sloe for you and Sipsmith is a good sloe to go with for the festive period. It doesn’t overpower you with sweetness; it is warming and fruity, and well balanced.

CHRISTMAS IS WELL AND TRULY HERE… (Now to dust off my tacky Christmas jumper!!)

You can buy Sipsmith Sloe Gin at The Whisky or on Amazon.