Hoxton Gin

Hoxton Gin is an unusual twist on this classic drink, very fruity with creamy coconut and zesty grapefruit as well as the familiar, piney juniper. It is the child of a highly lauded bartender geeking out over the beautiful spirit. Immersed in the creative juices of Hoxton, he had the idea of recreating a classic; to create a fun gin that’s like no other on the market. A gin that takes the classic juniper driven character and adds something exotic!

A medley of natural and ethically sourced botanicals are macerated for 5 days before a single distillation in a 150 year old copper still. Enjoy a taste of the tropics with ginger, juniper and tarragon coming through on the nose. The coconut and grapefruit are bold with juniper playing a close second.

Quality is key so they only use a medley of natural and ethically sourced ingredients including juniper, iris, tarragon and ginger which are macerated for 5 days before single distillation in a 150 year old copper pot still to obtain the perfect and ultra smooth distillate, which is blended with their premium grain spirit and then finished with natural coconut and pink grapefruit. Hoxton Gin is then filtered and rested in steel tanks for two months while all the natural botanicals harmonise.

You can buy Hoxton Gin at most supermarkets or at The Whisky ExchangeDrinkSupermarket.com or on Amazon.

Botanicals include Juniper, Iris, Tarragon and Ginger. Then finished with natural coconut and pink grapefruit


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Our Honest Verdict … This is a teenager that needs to be handled properly. It’s unrecognizable as a juniper gin and traditionalists are likely to turn their noses up. However, there are drinks that it works well in, so to completely dismiss this would be unfair and just bear in mind that it does come with these warnings for a reason.


What other experts say …

The Gin is In  says … Bold and perfumed on the nose. Hoxton Gin definitely smells like a coconut rum, with a strong, deeply overpowering coconut bouquet. Now I won’t ponder the coconut rum angle any further, because others have done it quite well already (spoiler: it doesn’t taste like rum). It smells smooth and inviting. Hardly a hint of juniper, and very little on the nose would give it away as being a gin.

A little harsh at first but comes on strong with an intense coconut and citrus note. Definitely overtones of grapefruit, but quickly gives way to the tail which is where a bit of ginger and juniper jump out. The finish isn’t in line with some other boutique gins in terms of a dry juniper on the palette, but there is a drying sensation in there. At the very end, long after the sip, hints of juniper and grapefruit remain. Continue reading review …

The Cocktail Geek  says … Grapefruit and coconut dominate, although the ginger, juniper and tarragon in particular are all perceptible in the background. The combination of bold coconut and grapefruit is certainly unique, but not altogether successful.

As disappointed as I was with the taste of this product, it must be recognised that this is a personal thing and it is entirely possible that I am alone in disliking it intensely. However, I must take issue with the decision to market this as a gin. Gin you see, according to EU regulations, has to have juniper as its predominant flavour. This most certainly does not have juniper as its predominant flavour, irrespective of whether or not you enjoy that flavour. The concept of widening the appeal of gin to non-traditional gin drinkers is one that I support, but this just feels like a cynical attempt to cash in on those that don’t know better.  Continue reading review …

Juniper Diaries  says … Hoxton Gin makes some significant departures from tradition; the label reads, quite brashly, “Warning, Coconut and Grapefruit” and has a very contemporary feel (almost ’60s retro contemporary). The bottle itself is a rounded square that you quite commonly find in Whiskeys (Bushmills for example) and the brand is emblazoned in black and white, with yellow accents.

This contemporary feel is reflected on the website which is peppered with border-line hipsters having fun with grapefruit. The site has pictures of graffiti and makes mention of Banksy, Damien Hurst and Pete Doherty. There is definitely an association being drawn between Hoxton Gin and trendy British creativity. The whole image is a little bit Brit-pop, a little bit Mod-era.  Continue reading review …

Hoxton Gin

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