Whitley Neill Gin

Whitley Neill is a premium London Dry Gin launched in 2005 by Johnny Neill. It contains two African botanicals, Baobab fruit and Cape Gooseberries, that give the gin an exotic touch to the palate and sets it apart from others.

It started with research into indigenous South African plants and moved onto the shoots, fruits and roots of these plants to understand the variety of flavours contained within them. He tried distilling over 25 African botanicals with varying success, including plants such as the protea flower, the national flower of South Africa, hoodia (a cactus) and various fynbos plants. Stumbling across the Boabab trees and Cape Gooseberries (physalis) – both of these when distilled individually delivered the very unique and very different citrus notes that are now an intrinsic part of Whitley Neill.

Whitely Neill is Africa and he wanted to make sure that this was represented in the bottle as well as the gin. It was important to have the Baobab tree as the distinctive, iconic logo on the bottle. Hopefully, the bottle feeds peoples inquisitive nature as well.

You can buy Whitley Neill Gin at most supermarkets or at The Whisky ExchangeDrinkSupermarket.com or on Amazon.

Botanicals include Juniper, Coriander Seeds, Orange Zest, Angelica Root, Cassia Bark, Iris, Baobab Fruit, Cape Gooseberries, Sweet Lemon with flavour of Citrus.


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Our Honest Verdict … Whitley Neill is an excellent gin that tastes like gin should! If you like Hendrick’s, you probably won’t like this as it has a much fuller flavour. Good flavour, quite dry and with a liquorice aftertaste. Preferred it as a martini, not so good with tonic as some other gins but still drinkable and certainly better than the commercial brands. Not one of our favourite gins though.


What other experts say …

Telegraph  says … Although it’s made near distinctly-unglamorous Birmingham, Whitley Neill is inspired by the flavours of Africa. Stuffed with exotic botanicals such as baobab fruit and cape gooseberries, it’s a delicate, smooth gin with a slightly earthy, peppery finish. Really good with in a G&T, with a slice of orange instead of the standard lemon or lime.  Continue reading review …

Gin Foundry  says … Subdued juniper and citrus notes come to the fore at first followed by a subtle spice and complex finish. It’s definitely an interesting gin especially considering the botanicals used. We would recommend using Fever-Tree for a G&T, but they recommend adding fresh ginger root or lemon juice and honey for the more discerning.

As a whole, the gin is not too juniper dominant and has a distinct zing to it so it’s perhaps one for fans of the lighter gin styles. However, there is enough in there to hold the traditionalists’ attention too so don’t go writing it off either. Out of all the drinks that we have tried Whitley Neill in, the Martini was most successful as the well-balanced citrussy nature of this gin provides a great background for a dash of vermouth.  Continue reading review …

The Gin Guide  says … Whitley Neill gin is exceptionally well balanced, making a smooth, light and interesting gin. The taste is not heavy on juniper, yet the citrus is not overpowering and the African fruits give Whitley Neill gin zing and an exotic character. It is very, very good value for it’s price and the recent rebranding is distinctive and stunning – a gin that really adds something to the gin world. Continue reading review …


Image – Whitley Neill