Langleys Gin

Langley's Gin

Langley’s No 8 Gin is made in small hand crafted batches with all the botanicals added to the still, with no steeping before the one and only distillation. The 1960 copper pot still used is made by John Dore & Co. (the oldest pot still makers in the world) and called “Constance” (or “Connie”), in honor of the Master Distiller’s late mother. The resulting distillate is blended with the purest 100% English wheat grain spirit.

The Gin is presented in a squat cylindrical clear bottle with conical shoulders. There is a large silver-grey number 8 screen-printed on the front, a black leather collar around the neck and a black label with silver-grey and white accents circumnavigating the top (just below the shoulders). Langley’s is clearly written on the label and there is a small circle at the bottom of the label with a number 8 in it.

You can buy Langley’s No.8 Gin at most supermarkets or at The Whisky or on Amazon.

Botanicals include Juniper, Cassia Bark, Coriander Seeds, Lemon Peel – Nutmeg and Orange Peel. The remaining two botanicals are classic ones however are kept a closely guarded secret.


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Our Honest Verdict … The flavour of the gin is best described as white noise. The 8 botanicals do nothing to lift the flavour profile. There is a spiced muddled flavour but nothing else. Resulted in experimenting with adding a lot of citrus fruits just to give the gin a stand out feature.


What other experts say …

Drinks Enthusiast  says … Lemon dominates on the nose with hints of juniper following soon after. A little sharp on the beginning of the palate with a dry spice developing. A lingering finish that’s smooth but dry. Continue reading review …

The Complete Gentleman  says … On the nose is strong pine (juniper) and citrus (lemon & coriander). On the palate are dry juniper and zesty citrus (lemon & orange) plus a slight sweetness (possibly liquorice or maybe from the citrus). There are hints of spice (cardamom, cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg – or combinations there of) plus faint earthy herbal and floral (violet and possibly rose) notes also. The close has a smoothly dry heavy juniper taste with peppery spice and light sweetness in the long finish. A straightforward and well-rounded Gin, with strong hints of underlying complexity coming through. Continue reading review …

Gin Foundry  says … The variety of ingredients goes to make a rather dusty scent. Zest from the lemon, with hints of spice and nutmeg help to give it a fuller and rounded flavour, with that all important juniper smell shining through. To taste, it is juniper forward with a healthy balance of citrus and spice mingling and coming in together, with a liquorice like flavour springing into the mix. A smooth and dry tasting gin that is exactly what a good traditional tasting gin should taste like, giving a long finish that is touched by notes of pepper and nutmeg. It’s a good gin that would mix well in a multitude of cocktails.  Continue reading review …

Langley's Gin

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